ReImagining Ourselves, Building New Economies, Creating New Communities

Our current economy is crumbling. Millions are unemployed, losing homes, without health care. Students are accumulating massive debt with little hope for gainful employment post-graduation. Our elders are being laid off with no retirement benefits or are continuing to work past retirement, afraid of that common reality.

Recent crises of capitalism have made it clear that our current economic system is unsustainable—not only can it no longer maintain itself, but people have begun to understand the ways in which it has alienated us from our own creative, productive capacity and alienated us from each other, in our own families and communities.

Our problems with the current economy are beyond those of strictly economic concerns—capitalist principles of massive consumption have eroded values of community responsibility, self love, love of community, and spiritual groundedness. The necessity to create new economies is just as important to ideas about work and sustainability, as they are to culture, interpersonal relationships, family, and community.

It is important that we create new economies that incorporate the creative capacity, talents, and knowledge of everyone and are guided by community interdependence, sustainability, and fairness.

The purpose of the new economies reading/working group is to ….

Produce a document that answers the question, “How do we self-consciously begin to transform the most powerful economic system in human history?” so that we may develop a strategy to transform it  To answer this, we will read, think, and discuss readings related to the creative re-envisioning we need in order to create new economies in which work is reconceptualized beyond the values of production, wages, and consumption, in favor of collaboration, creativity, and sustainability.

Guiding Questions

*How do we abandon the values of economic growth and capital accumulation in favor of community accountability, sustainability, love, and interdependence?

*How do we develop an economy shaped by the principles of a beloved community?

*How do we establish adaptive locally rooted economies that have different relationships to a national and globally structured marketplace?

*How do we create communities in which our human capacity for creativity is central to our ability to reorganize work and establish relationships with each other?

*How do we engage the newly unemployed with folk who have traditionally been shut out of the formal economy and some of the most exploited workers?

*How does our living and working in New York shape the new economies conversation in ways that are different than the similar thinking and working occurring in places such as Detroit and Oakland?

WEDNESDAYS, BEGINNING MAY 2ND, 6pm-8pm @ The Brecht Forum

The Brecht Forum, 451 West Street, New York, NY 10014.  212.242.4201

A, C, E to 14th St; BDF to West 4th Street; 1 to Christopher Street

For more info, please email growingrootsnyc@gmail.com. Spread the word!


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