Detroit 2012: Reimagine the World, Transform Ourselves, FIght for the Future

Information on the convening happening in Detroit, July 1-14th is below. The link to register is here:

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Goals for Detroit 2012

There is a growing awareness that we must create new models of community, and, of work, economy, education, food production and sources, neighborhood, family, health and healing, and our relationship to the earth and to one another.

We will recap and review our commitment to transforming visions that were worked on in the Re-imagining Work conference held in October 2012. We will engage in conversation to define and clarify the work of visionary organizing, and visionary leadership.

Building living local economies in this day and age is a spiritual activity, a way to grow our souls. In a world where a globalizing economy is destroying communities and turning everyone, every thing and every relationship into a commodity, this evolution to a higher humanity has become both necessary and possible. It is the New American Dream that, deep in their hearts, millions of Americans long for. – Grace Lee Boggs

We will offer community engagement in panel discussions and solution-based conversation concerning critical issues.
– What has worked and why? Identify specific successful examples across the re-imagining themes, identify the most successful legislative support, identify the support networks needed, short vs long term success/challenges/obstacles.

We will articulate a collective vision that clearly communicates ‘’this is what we see, this is what we are doing and this is what/how others will see’’… through our on-going work
-How will people be see and understand what is meant by ‘The Beloved Community’; what does a beloved community look and feel like?

We will increase the Detroit community and national communities in the realization of a collective vision through our conversation and shared goals.
-identify common themes within Detroit and nationally.
We will enjoy new friendships and fellowship.

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Next Meeting and Future Schedule

Thanks to all that came out to the first meeting! Our next meeting will take place Friday, May 11 from 6pm-8pm at The Brecht Forum. Subsequent meetings will take place on Tuesdays from 6pm-8pm at The Brecht Forum.

The Brecht Forum is located at 451 West Street between Bank and Bethune

Our next meeting (May 11) is the last opportunity, during this 6 week block, for new members to come in. We will reopen the meetings to new members in July.

Please come to the next meeting with our weekly readings already read. They are posted under the “weekly readings” tab above. For those who cannot make the meetings but would like to read along, or folks in other locations who would like to set up similar work groups, feel free! And let us know!


Our First Meeting, May 2, 2012

Please come join Growing Roots at the Brecht Forum on May 2 as we plant seeds to grow roots.  We will meet 6:00-8:00 and discuss what we need from a community and what we need from an economy.  We will also discuss how and why we started, what we hope to do, and just generally build with one another.  Come plant seeds and grow roots.

The Brecht Forum is located at 451 West Street between Bank and Bethune.

Please Join Us!